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Laboratory forasphalt and hydrocarbon binder

  • Quality testing of asphalt mixtures before and after installation for control, design and construction of all types of asphalt layers,
  • Internal quality control of the production of asphalt in the asphalt base (permanent or periodical inspection),
  • Creating previous mixture of asphalt concrete, bituminous base layers, SMA, surface treatment, mikroasphalts and other types of hot, warm and cold asphalt mixes
  • Making working mixes on asphalt bases.
  • Consulting services in the performance of asphalt works 
  • Testing of bitumen and polymer modified bitumen
  • Testing of bitumen emulsion and waterproofing
  • Examination of diluted bitumen 
  • Internal quality control in plants for the production of bitumen, polymer modified bitumen and bitumen emulsion (continuous or periodic control)
  • Consulting services in the production and use of all types of hydrocarbon binders.

Laboratory for stone and stone aggregates

  • Determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of the stone and aggregates 
  • Mineralogical and petrographic analysis of the composition of the stone and stone aggregates 
  • Chemical tests of stone
  • Quality assessment and possible use of stone and aggregates Internal quality control of the production of stone and aggregates in quarries, separations, crushing plants (crushers)and all forms of exploitation of natural materials