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Preparation of studies and planning documentation

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AG Institute delivers complex and sustainable solutions combining professional knowledge from various fields of construction, and each of them involves prior analysis and planning.

  • Feasibility studies for construction (regional water supply systems, regional sewerage systems, motorways and regional roads, regional landfills, etc.);
  • Consulting, study and design services in defining complete waste management solution;
  • Environmental impact studies;
  • Development of expertise and forensics;
  • Expert analysis;
  • Spatial plans;
  • General regulation plans;
  • Detailed regulation plans;
  • Urban projects
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Preparation of project-technical documentation and technical control performance

AG Institute has design licenses issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

and its engineers have individual design and construction licenses of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers. The project bureau of the AG Institute creates and develops projects whose implementation is monitored by a professional team of engineers from the very idea to their completion, which represents a guarantee of quality, functionality, and safety:

  • Preparation of project-technical documentation of architectural and construction facilities (health institutions, educational institutions, facilities of cultural and historical significance, residential facilities, industrial facilities, facilities of service activities (markets, market chains, etc.);
  • Preparation of project-technical documentation of infrastructure facilities-roads (motorways, state roads of I and II order, local, city, access roads, both new and reconstruction of existing ones), border crossings, hydraulic installations, public lighting facilities, accompanying road facilities, etc.;
  • Preparation of project-technical documentation of hydraulic installations and facilities (regional water supply systems, regional sewerage systems, drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, irrigation, river regulation, city water supply and sewerage systems, pumping stations, wells with hydro-technical equipment, tanks, etc.);
  • Preparation of project-technical documentation of regional and local landfills (newly designed as well as remediation and reclamation of existing ones), recycling stations, recycling yards, transshipment stations;
  • Preparation of project-technical documentation of thermal power plants;
  • Preparation of project-technical documentation in the field of landscape design (schools, squares, shopping centers, factories);
  • Preparation of project-technical documentation of optical telecommunication networks and video surveillance.

Professional supervision

We provide professional supervision services during the construction of all types of facilities, i.e., the performance of works, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or adaptation of facilities, whereby employees who perform this activity provide professional assistance during the performance of works. Compliance with the project requirements, timely completion of works within the budget together with the fulfillment of all obligations to the investor are our basic task and goal.

Project management

AG Institute provides consulting services for the project management according to the legislation of the Republic of Serbia as well as according to the terms of the contract according to the international standard – FIDIC procedures. Also, we provide engineering and consulting services for technical and financial management of the implementation of the projects and preparation of tender documentation.

Each project has its own life cycle in which several phases can be observed. Defining the phases depends on the interest of participants in the project. Quality project management provides enough space for practical work, especially on defining specific procedures and solutions in line with specific conditions of project implementation.

Laboratory services

Laboratories in construction play a significant role in almost all phases, from design, construction, assessment, and verification of the stability of the characteristics of construction products.

AGI laboratories participate in the implementation of quality control of materials, structural elements and all works in the construction of a large number of buildings of various types, both in the country and abroad.

Field exploration works include activities on exploratory drilling, field tests of soil and rocks, geophysical field tests, tests of mechanical characteristics and water permeability of the soil and rock mass, as well as field measurements and observations of geotechnical structures.

By constantly investing in development, purchasing new equipment and constantly educating employees, AGI Laboratory is able to support all these processes. Professional staff in laboratories through laboratory and field testing of the characteristics of building materials, products and structures and testing the quality of different types of water and soil daily gains the trust of clients by meeting the criteria for testing and compliance with applicable regulations.

AGI laboratories have sophisticated equipment for performing research work on all types of buildings with the aim of determining the condition of materials and buildings. AG Institute has a laboratory for physical and mechanical testing of construction materials in the laboratory and in the field, accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia, and has a certificate of accreditation that meets the requirements of the standard SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The certificate and the entire scope of accreditation can be found at the link: Certificate and accreditations

We have laboratories on the territory of Novi Sad and Belgrade. Our laboratory has modern equipment that is calibrated by accredited companies and all laboratory tests are performed according to applicable Serbian and European standards.

The quality policy of the AGI testing laboratory is an integral part of the quality policy of the AG Institute. The primary interest of the laboratory is that the tests are always performed in accordance with methods published in international, regional, or national standards. The quality policy of the AGI testing laboratory is based on ensuring the realization of good professional practice and quality of testing, achieving management leadership through their engagement in continuous improvement of laboratory performance, compliance with legal regulations, standards, and the like.

Within the laboratory we perform the following tests:

  • Soil sampling
  • Stone sampling
  • Asphalt sampling
  • Concrete sampling
  • Soil testing
  • Testing of stone and stone aggregates
  • Testing of asphalt and hydrocarbon binders
  • Testing of concrete and cement
  • Testing of construction materials
  • Armature testing